logocigref-2015 EnMission
To enable large companies to develop and to leverage digital capabilities

Shared values
Independency, loyalty, sharing, conviviality, quality, imagination, realism, pleasure, innovation

– IS and the company
– Performance, value, strategy, governance, change
– IS organisation
– People, competencies, processes, organisation
– Operational performance
– Architecture, infrastructures, technologies, innovation
– Markets
– Suppliers relationships, strategic sourcing
– Society
– Law, international regulations, privacy, ethics

Our members are international leaders
140 members including 97% of CAC 40 and 50% of Euronext 100.
Only “user side” large companies, mainly private sector.
Cross industrial : Aerospace & defence, Autos, Basic industries, Consumer industries, Drugs & healthcare, Energy & mining, Utilities, Financial services, Media, Retailing, Property, Leisure, Public services, Transport…

– Managed by a Board of CIOs elected by other CIOs.
– Exclusive source of income: our members’ fee.
– Flat fee per year for a full access to activities and services for a company wide audience

Activities and Services

  • Sharing and networking
  • Workgroups, workshops, peer to peer networking
  • Information
  • Reports, newsletters, websites
  • Communication
  • Events, press & media
  • Influence
  • Position papers, involvement in the public debates
  • Training
  • Involvement into training programs
  • Research
  • Research programs: innovation by IS, IS uses, IS value

Worldwide counterparts


To interprete the emerging transformations, CIGREF edited 3 books. These are a compilation of the conclusions of its research Foundation (through the ISD Program)[1], the results of the differents CIGREF’ work groups and the shared dialogues between its members.

CIGREF is convinced that “…digital is a chance for the French economic growth, and large companies are at the heart of that success…”. To go through this vision and to make it happen, CIGREF proposes dedicated platforms and forums:

  • To allow a better understanding of digital transformation;
  • To address the issues linked to digital (ethics, uses, …), with “Question Digital”, which is a website open to anyone’s contribution.

Our new strategic plan for the coming 5 years, CIGREF 2020, is a continuation of the CIGREF strategy that is being deployed since 2010, but with a vision more open towards the ecosystems. This plan reaffirms the vocation of CIGREF: an association which aims to “Develop the ability of large companies to integrate and master the digital”.

To this end, CIGREF has three pillars to succeed with digital:

  • CIGREF embodies the collective voice of its members, bringing together major companies using information systems and digital technologies;
  • Its history and its mastery of technical topics legitimate CIGREF in the digital world:
  • CIGREF is independent, and produces dialogue and best practices between practitioners and other type of actors. That makes CIGREF a reference in the ecosystem.

The strategic plan “CIGREF 2020” is intended to reinforce the large French companies’ performance, their innovation and more globally to contribute to the human, economic and social development of our Society.

To achieve these goals, CIGREF builds on 3 roles that have been reaffirmed:

  • The Intelligence role mobilizes the unique potential of our members and partners competencies, to contribute significantly to the digital transformation.
  • The Influence role is defined by the CIGREF’s ability to promote its members’s convictions regarding the stakes and challenges in digital era. It targets three types of actors: the enterprise, the IT ecosystem and the Information Society.
  • The Membership role is aimed at optimising the intensity of the relationships between members, who act for the digital transformation of their organization.

CIGREF works towards the development of seven axes, intended to directly benefit its members, but also its partners and the IT ecosystem:

  • To develop the ability of the IS Function to deploy and master the digital in the company
  • To have a shared vision with senior executives to succeed with digital
  • To pursue our research activities to always better understand how digital technologies and digital culture change our lives, the way we do business and how we work
  • To  act for a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem
  • To ensure the attractiveness of IT jobs and foster the development of e-skills and digital competencies in the business
  • To consider cyber security as a strategic area for business competitiveness
  • To promote an ethical usage of digital


[1] In 2010, CIGREF decided to launch an ambitious program-ISD, to evaluate the dynamic of information systems use over a long period. Microsoft was one of the sponsors of ISD. This program proposed to provide guidance to executives of large public and private organisations on strategic issues of information systems, in the light of expected changes in the economic models of firms and the entire society.