Page 18 - The 2020 Enterprise

The 2020 Enterprise in the Digital Age...
Increasing the number of
partnerships: we can no longer
prosper alone!
The context: a profound transformation of the
The multiplication of new value creation areas is part of a strong trend
driven by digital technology. They are helping businesses open up,
thanks to the increase in interactions brought about by mobility, data
pools, the Internet of Things… Companies are being forced to rethink
their alliance strategies within their ecosystem.
This ecosystem is very widespread, with many different players: GAFA
Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), start-ups, innovative small and
medium sized companies, communities, clients, collaborators, the self-
employed, suppliers, public authorities and political institutions, local
governments, regulatory organisations, international entities...
The 2020 Enterprises will be organisations
completely interlocked into an ecosystem in which
new strategic partnerships and alliances will form,
with clients as well as suppliers and competitors”!