Page 57 - The 2020 Enterprise

The Stakes and Challenges
Many people are attempting to study the
profound disruption the digital world is bringing to
businesses. Surveys, studies, reports, conferences
and other events, all show that these changes
cannot be carried out simply by introducing new,
or increasing the number of, digital tools.
CIGREF’s initiative takes us a step further: with its
comprehensive vision of the company design by
it guides us through the nine stakes raised and challenges
presented to companies as they embrace digital transformation.
This publication deserves particular attention from directors
and managers alike on various fronts:
First of all, and essential, in my view, this work was created
by a Network of 139 large companies, which has supported
its directors since its creation in 1970, previously with
integrating IT technologies, and now with helping businesses
to succeed in their digital transformation.
Through numerous exchanges, they have shared with us their
assessment of the major trends within this transformation.
Jean-François Phelizon
Deputy Chief Executive
Officer - Saint Gobain