Page 47 - The 2020 Enterprise

The Stakes and Challenges
Making the IS function
a major player
of the digital transformation
Open innovation, data, collaborative approaches, mobility, flexibility,
partnerships, security expertise…There is no doubt that the challenges
described in the first part of this article are colossal for large groups
who grew to success in a different environment, and for IT departments
too, who must respond to these challenges to achieve a successful
digital transformation.
This is all taking place on an international level, on an ever shorter
timescale, with the rapid renewal of technology, creating a sense of
perpetual acceleration. The IS function, but also the other business
functions, need to adapt to take into account, almost in real time, the
evolution of client behaviour, and to adjust their products and services,
with an information system that must be open, flexible, coherent and
The CIO has the social responsibility to assimilate
all the challenges of digital technology!