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CIGREF is a network of major corporations, which celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2010. Their objective is “to promote Digital Culture as a source of innovation and performance”.
A few years ago, they decided to launch an international research program, “Information System Dynamics” (ISD), led by the CIGREF Foundation, in order “to better understand how the digital world is transforming our lives and our businesses”. Throughout 2010, CIGREF has been considering its future. A group of Chief Information Officers, representing the 130 member companies, has been at work, running discussion workshops and meeting opinion leaders in many fields. This has led them to propose a key direction for the CIGREF 2015 strategic plan. This proposal led to numerous discussions within the CIGREF community. What is business in the digital world? What is “digital business”? What is the strategic roadmap from information systems to the digital world?

So, if we are to establish a shared understanding of “digital business”, there is an urgent need to offer our company leaders an interpretive framework that will encourage them to wholeheartedly commit their teams to the digital economy. That is the aim of this book, and CIGREF’s raison d’être!

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