[Cigref report] Artificial intelligence in companies: Strategies, governance and challenges of data intelligence  

29 novembre 2018 | Cigref in english

Fondé il y a 50 ans, le Cigref tire sa légitimité à la fois de son histoire et de sa maîtrise des sujets techniques, socle de compétences de savoir-faire, fondements du numérique.

The 2018 Cigref’s Cercle IA is continuing its 2017 exploration of “The challenges of AI operational implementation in major companies”, which took stock of the early AI experiments and initiatives in companies. This report also considered future possibilities, in terms of business models, around interactions between intelligent agents and modes of collaboration with the AI ecosystem, in particular with regard to research.

This Cigref report was initially published in French under the title “L’intelligence artificielle en entreprise – Stratégies, gouvernances et challenges de la data intelligence

Le Cigref incarne une parole collective des grandes entreprises et administrations françaises autour du numérique.

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