This document marks the culmination of more than two years’ research conducted by the Club Informatique des Grandes Enterprises Françaises (Cigref) and McKinsey & Company. Our joint study looked into the relational dynamics that develop around information systems issues within management teams.

We undertook this research with the aim of gaining a better understanding of why information systems were seen – more often than not – as making an insufficient contribution to value creation, as many studies have shown. We also sought to understand why good IS governance practice, a subject on which so much has been written, was not sufficiently implemented by management teams. In the ongoing debate over the value of IS, this study is the first fact-based overview of the relational dynamics between the CEO, the Business Unit managers and the CIO.

Compared to existing, more quantitative, research, it sheds new light on the issue by asking “qualitative” questions such as:

  • What is the situation of the enterprise’s “information system” ?
  • Do the various actors share common perceptions about the situation ?
  • What are the sources of satisfaction or frustration ?
  • Do the actors agree on the priorities, the difficulties and the required solutions ?

Download “2004 – Relational Dynamics around Information Systems within Management Teams of Major French Companies – CIGREF – McKinsey” [pdf, 539 ko]

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