Anticipating cyberattacks: from surveillance to crisis management

22 avril 2024 | ACTUALITÉS, Cigref in english, Communiqués

In an increasingly connected world, businesses large and small now find themselves exposed to cyberattacks of all kinds. The rapid digitisation of organisations has considerably extended their attack surface, creating a major challenge for preserving their digital integrity.

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Yet this unequal struggle is taking place in a context where cyber resources are not evenly distributed. Some companies have considerable resources at their disposal to protect themselves, while others have to juggle with limited budgets. This disparity is creating a growing gap between cyber predators and their potential prey.

It is in this context that anticipating cyberattacks becomes essential. Understanding the cyber threat is the first step in prioritising cybersecurity projects. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) provides invaluable insight, enabling organisations to better understand the threats that surround them.

But knowing the threat is only half the battlefield. It is just as crucial to know your own attack surface, which now extends beyond the company’s physical borders. Migration to the cloud, the multiplication of third parties and the growing integration of industrial systems further complicate the task. This is where the Security Operations Centre (SOC) comes in, constantly monitoring information systems to detect any suspicious activity.


Cybersecurity is not just about protecting digital borders. Attacks have very real implications, and it is essential to plan for crisis management in the event of a cyberattack.

However, cybersecurity is not just about protecting digital borders. Attacks have very real implications, and it is essential to plan for crisis management in the event of a cyberattack. Solid governance, effective communication and limiting the spread of the attack are all essential pillars of an appropriate response.

Anticipating cyberattacks has become an inescapable necessity for any organisation seeking to thrive in today’s complex digital environment. Constant monitoring, understanding the threats and preparing for crisis management are the keys to resilience in the face of this omnipresent threat. Cybersecurity can no longer be relegated to the background, it must be integrated into the very heart of every business, safeguarding its future in an increasingly interconnected world.

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