The CIGREF digital culture reference framework

18 avril 2014 | ACTUALITÉS, Cigref in english, Publications du Cigref

Fondé il y a 50 ans, le Cigref tire sa légitimité à la fois de son histoire et de sa maîtrise des sujets techniques, socle de compétences de savoir-faire, fondements du numérique.

In February 2014, CIGREF published its new document «Cadre de référence CIGREF sur la culture numérique», which is an evaluation tool to optimize the digital transformation of business. Today CIGREF offers the English version of this document.

An evaluation tool to optimize the digital transformation of business


Following CIGREF’s e-book «Corporate World & Digital Culture», this framework allows everyone to evaluate the digital culture within their own organization. It also serves to identify the key factors of success, and assess the strengths and limitations.

Click on the title or on the thumbnail to read and download «The CIGREF digital culture reference framework »

 «… This tool, the first of its kind, is made available to any business leader keen to see the digital transformation of his or her organization through a sucessfull implementation. The diagnosis that derives from it can be used to assess the practices and behaviors in place within the organization, and to define action plans to ensure the smooth implementation of a digital transformation…» Pascal Buffard (President CIGREF)

You can download pdf version

French version of the report is also available

Le Cigref incarne une parole collective des grandes entreprises et administrations françaises autour du numérique.

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