Technical Specifications Booklet (TSB) to be integrated in a Request For Proposal for trusted cloud solutions

29 avril 2024 | ACTUALITÉS, Cigref in english, Communiqués

A certain number of Cigref members are planning to issue a Request For Proposal (RFP) for trusted cloud solutions. That is why we decided to work collectively on drafting the technical part of such a RFP, taking into account the Cigref trusted cloud referential. Indeed, Cigref members have expressed their generic trust needs as users of cloud services in the trusted cloud referential where the version°3, version amended by European users and suppliers, is available here.

Download the Conversion Matrix

Download the Answers grid

This TSB which is to be integrated in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for a trusted cloud, outlines the requirements and the expectations of the Cloud Services Customer (CSC) for the acquisition of a set of Trusted Cloud Computing services (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, FaaS). The TSB shares the needs and challenges faced by companies and public administrations in terms of security, control of vendor dependency, immunity from non-European laws, control of the environmental footprint of cloud services and trust in cloud providers. These requirements incorporate the Cloud « safe » and Cloud « trusted » criteria of Cigref trusted cloud referential.

Before sending the TSB to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP), some parts need to be modified/completed by the CSC so that they are adapted to its specific needs, context and activities. It is important to note that this document is a reference and can of course be adapted beyond the recommendations by deleting or adding new sections and requirements.

Two excel files complete the TSB.

1.       The file called « Cigref_Conversion matrix Ref_ Trusted cloud RFP_2024 » keeps track of where the requirements in the TSB come from. It makes it easy to understand the origin of a requirement and to be able to find it in its original form in the trusted Cloud reference document.

2.       The file called « Cigref_TSB Answers grid_Trusted cloud RFP_2024 » is here to help the CSP in its answers and the CSC in its evaluation of the suppliers’ answers. In order to simplify the evaluation of the TSB, we have split the question/requirement into two types: the YES-NO questions and the open questions. The open questions group together the questions which require a detailed answer.

Our thanks go to EDF and Airbus, who co-piloted this work, and to all the people who contributed to this task force.
We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to Wavestone for its support in drafting the TSB and the associated documents. 

Stay tuned : The TSB will be soon available in French !

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