For 40 years CIGREF has been considered as a major actor known for its collective understanding of the role of information technologies and information systems in entreprises because he was able to provide guidance on the major changes experienced by our society.

In this perspective, CIGREF decided through the creation of a Research Foundation to better understand how the digital world will transform the way we live and do business, over a long period of time (1970-2020) through a historical dimension and a prospective dimension.

This international research program, known as ISD – Information System Dynamics – aims to understand the dynamics of IS use and their impact on the society and the enterprises. The ISD Programme will explore possible futures in the light of our present and our long specific history: how to use these amazing technologies? How, through a better understanding of emerging changes, increase business value, innovation and how to contribute widely to the economic development of our society?

We will regularly report on our website the progress of the international research projects our teams are leading. Those of you who wish to contribute to the research effort of the Foundation can do so by answering to our calls for proposals.

Pascal BUFFARD, President CIGREF (Axa)

The ISD Programme

The ISD programme launched by the CIGREF Foundation aims at:

  • understanding the many facets of dynamic use of information systems over a long time period.
  • to provide large companies and members of the IT ecosystem the analytical grids that will allow to understand the strategic issues arising from the ongoing changes.

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Dynamic Use of Information Systems

A historical dimension

To study the dynamics of IS through the computerization of enterprises over the last 40 years.

A prospective dimension

To evaluate the societal and managerial challenges in the long term usage of IS.

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5 Research Topics

Five analytical perspectives are proposed to form the core building blocks of the programme. These five themes are in line with choices made under CIGREF 2010. They also reflect the theme developed by ongoing researches at European Level.

It is by considering these five perspectives, interactively and systemically, that we can grasp the reality of the driving forces of future companies and there is.

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The CIGREF Foundation news

The CIGREF Foundation publications

According to CIGREF tradition, the Foundation gives access to a wide range of documents it produces through its research projects, surveys or/and the events it organizes by providing communications of the researchers and other personalities involved in these events.

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Bruno Ménard Pt de la Fondation CIGREF (VPt SI sanofi-aventis)