The ISD Programme

ISD International Research Programme has three goals

  • Make the link between past and present, between the long-time history that can identify trends and patterns, and the short duration of the life of companies.
  • Enlighten the future of the IS function considering the knowledge built on this base.
  • Alert the executive of major corporations, public and private, on strategic issues related to the changes caused by the transformation from an industrial economy to a network economy based on knowledge and management of intangibles.

IS Dynamics Program (ISD) comes under the continuity of the activities of CIGREF:

Since 1970: CIGREF produces each year numerous reports, which thematic are resulting from CIO concerns. These reports are based on shared experience among major member firms.
2004-2007: An initial programme of research has undertaken three work projects, articulated around the key words of the CIGREF mission: Usage – Value – Innovation.

2007-2010: A three-year orientation program, structured around three strategic areas that correspond to the three major current concerns of CIOs: Activities are centred around 3 themes:

  • IS support to business and general management
  • Sustained performance of IS
  • The management of IS function (année du 40ème anniversaire du CIGREF.)

ISD is a unique multidisciplinary program, which considers that the future of Information systems is partly rooted in their history. In revisiting this history, we can draw lessons for the future.

Taking into account a fairly distant future like 2020, the ISD program raises the question of the possible futures concerning our organisations and their information systems, the driving forces behind the great transition that emerges.

ISD is a research programme that privileges the international dimension in order to mobilize the best available scientific expertise in Europe, in North America, in Asia (Japan, China, India), and in South America (Brazil).

The ISD research programme includes a global geopolitical dimension, taking into account at a global level, the changing use of IS, that will allow us to draw the possible future of use in the enterprises, and more generally in the society.

The ISD research programme is based on this frame taking into account two dimensions: historical and prospective.