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According to CIGREF tradition, the Foundation gives access to a wide range of documents it produces through its research projects, surveys or/and the events it organizes by providing communications of the researchers and other personalities involved in these events.

The first studies of « Wave C »

The 9 studies of « Wave B »

The first « Essentials » :  Wave A
of the ISD International Research Programme…

With the “Essentials”, the CIGREF Foundation offers an overview of each of the projects sponsored by the ISD programme. This first issue covers the first nine “Wave A” research projects.

The 9 research projects of « Wave A »

Consult individually each one of the 9 projects:

Springer Briefs Series
in Digital Spaces

CIGREF and Springer, specializing in scientific publishing, have teamed to publish a collection SpringerBriefs named « Digital Spaces » in its English version and « Espaces Numériques » in its French version. The series aim at disseminating internationally the results of the ISD international research programme to researchers, large companies, IT providers, government, academics, media…

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acceluction-in-actionAcceluction in action

The first work from the programme aims to identify emerging factors around which to build the design of the 2020 company. It would appear, given the scope of the research field, that the projects funded by ISD can neither identify nor evaluate all emerging factors. They can, however, furnish some valuable reference points around which to build a conceptual framework, based on elements of a theoretical knowledge base accessible elsewhere… learn more


The conference of ISD International Research Programme, on September 24, 2009 has established a first “state of the art” on the Dynamic of the Information Systems use.
Among the communications published below, you will find those of the Japanese personalities:

Professor – University of Art and Design Helsinki, Visiting professor at Oxford, Principal scientist, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology:
Future Vision: Building a Creative and Caring Information Society.

Director of : Ecole de Management de Strasbourg :
Les usages des SI : état de la recherche.

Arkansas University :
Les usages et le monde virtuel.

Professor, INRIA Futurs et LRI,
Université Paris-Sud :
Les usages des systèmes d’information et leur co-évolution.

Takayuki SUMITA
Executive Director,
Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment

Scientific Director Projet Vox Internet II,
Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme :
Internet et la dimension sociétale.

Professor, Université Paris-Sud 11,
European Chair of Intellectual Capital Management,
Programme Coordinator ISD :
Un premier exercice de prototypage : la Génération Y.

Alexandre MALLARD
Laboratory SENSE,
« Sociology and Economics of Networks and Services »,
Orange Labs :
L’interaction espace privé / espace public.