Acceluction in action

The ISD international research programme, supported by the CIGREF Foundation, was set up with a central idea of tracing the possible contours of the 2020 company, while considering both the history of Information System usages in business, and current emergences.

“Wave A” of the programme addressed three of the 12 Work Packages defined: business models, organisation, HR and collective intelligence and emerging practices. The eleven projects funded or co-opted took the company and its organisation as the field of study. The results for Wave A show major transformations within the company owing to the use of information systems, and in particular identify tensions and trends, which merit careful attention, particularly with a view to designing a company for 2020.

Overview: acceluction in action

The first work from the programme aims to identify emerging factors around which to build the design of the 2020 company. It would appear, given the scope of the research field, that the projects funded by ISD can neither identify nor evaluate all emerging factors. They can, however, furnish some valuable reference points around which to build a conceptual framework, based on elements of a theoretical knowledge base accessible elsewhere…

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